Tree care terminology

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Tree felling and removal

If your tree is getting too big for its place or you suspect it is diseased and potentially dangerous, maybe its time it is felled or removed. If there is adequate space the tree can be felled in one, otherwise it will be dismantled into sections if the space is limited. At Booker Tree Care we have all the correct rigging equipment to bring down a tree of any size safely and in small sections.

Crown thinning

Is removing selective branches and stems within the crown to gain more light and airflow. Increasing the light passing through the tree will help it photosynthesise and keep it energised. In high winds, crown thinning can help reduce the sail which then gives it a higher chance of supporting itself.

Tree pollarding

This is a heavy pruning technique, that only a few tree species can tolerate. Tree pollarding is the removal of almost all of the trees branches leaving behind just bare limbs off from the stem, or even just leaving the stem itself.

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Crown lifting

Is to raise the lower crown off the tree by removing the trees branches to a required height suited by the tree and person or obstruction.
Crown lifting can also be effective in balancing the crown of the tree which would then make it more asymmetrical.

Crown cleaning and deadwood removal

This is to clean out any damaged, dead or diseased branches in the tree crown.
Crown cleaning/deadwood removal also involves removing any epicormic growth from previous wounds or cuts on the tree.