When left on the ground after the whole tree has been cut off, tree stumps don’t look good. They are simply eyesores and make the property look ugly. However, this is not a convincing reason for you to hire an expert for stump grinding in Derby. Please note that many other reasons suggest that keeping tree stumps on the ground can be a risky process. Hence, it is wise to get rid of the same soon. 

However, try to avoid getting rid of the tree stumps yourself. A; always remember that they are huge and sturdy, and you will end up hurting yourself. Hence always hire a professional to get rid of the tree stumps. 

To know more about the risks of tree stumps, read on. 

4 significant tree dangers stumps remain on the ground 

Nesting ground for pests

If you keep the tree stumps on the ground and neglect them for very long, the theory becomes the home to pests and rodents. Since it rots over time, hence pest infestation is generated out of the same. This will, in turn, damage the rest of the trees present in your garden. Therefore it is advisable to get rid of the same at the earliest. 

Dangerous for children and pets 

The tree stump is a sturdy material, and the children and pets will get hurt if they stay in the middle of the ground; they will unknowingly fall or collide with the same and get hurt in the process. Hence it is advisable to get the same removed. 

Results in tree regrowth 

If left unattended for a long time, stumps will allow the trees to regrow; the growth, in this case, will not be healthy or maintained. You’ll need to call the tree surgeon to cut down the tree again and get the same trimmed so the tree gets into shape again. 

It affects the aesthetics of the place. 

Stumps in the middle of the ground will make the site look weird and will affect the aesthetics of the site. Hence, you should remove the stumps along with the trees and keep the ground clear. A large garden section is wasted because of this dying stump left. Hence you can quickly get rid of the same and free up space. 

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