Being a homeowner, you might love to take care of your garden on your own. But, you should realise there are differences between gardening and tree surgery. Stump grinding comes under the second category. Therefore, it is risky to consider this job as a Do It Yourself task. Stump grinding demands a lot of skills, the right tools, and vast experience in assessing the challenges associated with this task. Only a certified arborist or tree surgeon should do this.

If you are still not convinced about hiring an expert for this job in Derby, you can continue reading this blog to understand the risks associated with DIY stump grinding attempts.

Problems of DIY Stump Grinding and Removal

  • Lack of Experience

The job of stump grinding involves a lot of technical details of tree surgery. An experienced professional can assess the potential risks associated with a specific tree and its stump. Hence, he can apply his skills and experience to minimise the risk and finish the job safely and successfully.

  • Lack of Right Tools

You may have a garden care kit, but that will not be enough to grind and remove the stump of a large tree. The job demands special equipment. Only certified and licensed tree surgeons have the training to correctly handle these tools to avoid accidents, injuries, and damages.

  • Insufficient Knowledge

Though at present, the internet can provide various video tutorials for stump grinding, they cannot give you sufficient knowledge about how to use a grinder to remove the tree from the root and finish the job safely. It can be life-threatening to use this equipment without adequate knowledge.

  • Safety Issues

Accidents can happen when someone tries to remove a tree from the root without proper knowledge and tools. You can hurt yourself or damage your property because of this.

What to Do for Safe Stump Grinding in Derby?

The best thing you can do to grind and remove stumps of large trees from your yard safely is to hire expert tree surgeons in Derby. They are highly experienced and efficient in their jobs. They have vast knowledge about various processes of tree care along with stump grinding and removal.

Professional tree surgeons always use advanced tools and keep all the safety measures in mind while working at your site. They also wear PPE to keep themselves safe. Moreover, these companies offer fully insured services.

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